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Current WiP's

I'm creating this post mainly to remind myself that I am working on these and should get up off my perpetually depressed self's bum and work on them. But if anyone's interested, it also serves that purpose.  

Game for a Thief:
(YGO) In order to fulfill a debt to Bakura, Malik agrees to take part in his own 'World of Memory', armed with only vague information and a shaky alliance with Bakura's ancient self. Citronshipping.

The Thorn:
(W.I.T.C.H.) Sequel to ‘The Rose’. Nearly stripped of their powers, Elyon and Phobos work as both allies and enemies to retrieve the Heart of Meridian from Nerissa.

A Noble a Thief:
(YGO) Neither is well suited to peace, but they stumble through it all the same. Post-series, Citronshipping.




Aww, I can't wait to read these stories! Especially "Papyrus of the East"! This promises to be interresting ^^

Keep up writing! =)


Re: =D

Thank you! Well, of all of them, PotE is the closest to completion ;)
Since you mentioned it in your PM, I'd like to say that I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited for 'Game for a Thief.' ^^
Ahhh *flustered* Thank you!

It sounds pathetic, given how long this has been in the wings (GfaT was the project that finally convinced me I'd been dragged into fandom against my will and should just give in and start posting things), but I'm nearly done with chapter one. I suppose I've finally spent enough time away from it that I can enjoy working on it again (completely wiping a draft and starting a fic all over again tends to be rather disheartening ><).
Enjoying working on things is important! Aaaah, COMPLETELY wiping a draft? I don't even know if I could bring myself to do that. D= But regardless, I'm glad you're writing it again and enjoying writing it again! The Citronshippers of the world need that fic! =D
...Guess who comes to look at your journal again? ;)

*looks at the list and gasps*
Ooh. Why is "Papyrus of the East" no longer in your WIPS list? ;_; Does this mean you aren't to continue it anymore?
Write it. You know you want to do it!
Hope you update "The Thron" soon. I have began to read it today and I'm really enjoing it until now. You are a great writter. Did you know it? ;)