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[Interlude Series]: Voice for the Voiceless

 Title: Voice for the Voiceless
Character(s): Mikan (Jasmine)
Summary: Mikan lets steel and rock say what she can't.
Fandom: Pokemon (game-verse)

-+Voice for the Voiceless+-

All her life, Mikan has felt that she doesn't have anything worthwhile to say.

Too meek, too shy, too quiet, too everything that she can't help being… From other children picking on her to adults telling her that she should be more outgoing, Mikan has only ever been given more reason to withdraw into herself. Sometimes she still watches Shuckle on the beach and wishes that she could hide her head the way they do.

She grew up in a large town, and when the starter Pokemon were given out, she stood back. There weren't enough, and the professor ended up taking pity on her and giving her a Rock Pokemon whose trainer had abandoned it. It was…

Everyone had said they were an odd match, and they did appear to be. She had still been small then, and her Onix towered over her, though he was young as well. Her voice was quiet, and she had difficulty giving him commands. When she succeeded in speaking, it couldn't be heard over the clangs of battle.

But even so, they grew close, and Onix defended her. Mikan has never felt safer than when he places himself in front of her, stone-now-steel coils shielding her from the world. Defense is their expertise, one of the few things she feels she might dare be proud of.

And when Onix attacks, she feels…

His attacks are loud and clanging, and to her, the sound is beautiful. It's emotion. Rage, frustration, hurt… These are the feelings which Mikan can never express for herself, but when she battles, she feels that her Pokemon are expressing them for her.