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A quick question regarding Game for a Thief

 Since I've started on my new WITCH fic, which is going well as a wip (though mainly because I'm in the mood for some dark magical girl fic, probably because I'm trying out of idle curiosity a truly diabetes-inducing magical girl series intended for a young audience- because magical girl series), I'm wondering if I should try posting GfaT as a wip. Right now I've only got chapter one completely finished, but that would be something. I'm worried that if I wait for GfaT to be complete before posting it, it will be ages before I ever start posting it. And really, our fandom has almost no citron fics. It might not be a bad idea to start getting GfaT out there.



Yes yes yes a thousand times yes! The only other multichap citron I can think of is Outside God, and that has long pauses between updates too, so you'd be in good company, xD EVERYONE WANTS TO READ GFAT.